"A great experience"
Bauloy is a student residence like no other. Having lived there for 3 years, I can say that I really appreciated the spirit: a spirit of tolerance, open to the world and especially to others; a spirit of sharing and mutual aid; a spirit of working and surpassing oneself. Bauloy is much more than a kot in Louvain-la-Neuve, it is a superb experience. Don't miss it, come in!
"Moments of friendship"
The best memories I have of my stay in Belgium belong to Bauloy. The residence offers very comfortable accommodation, plenty of cultural and sports activities, and an atmosphere conducive to study. But what I valued most was getting to know the people who lived there. The barbecues, the discussions after the meal, the shows to celebrate the birthdays... these are all moments of friendship that enriched my university life.
"A big cultural richness"
Staying at Bauloy is like being at home and enjoying the spaces that are rare to find on a university site. It is to meet friends with a great cultural wealth (Africa, America, Asia, Europe). I, who am Congolese and claimed to know Africa, nevertheless it is in Bauloy where, for example, I knew the beauty and the richness of Benin or Ivory Coast.
"A place to be yourself"
It is impossible to think of Bauloy without thinking of Family. Over time, a bond of trust and kindness is built between the residents, where one can speak freely, which allows for human and spiritual growth. Definitely, a place where you can be yourself and meet people with whom you can have enriching discussions, laughter, support during difficult moments and motivation to study and always give your best.